AURION Leather Medicine Ball

AURION Leather Medicine Ball – Best Medicine Ball



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Price: ₹ 299.00
(as of Dec 14,2020 01:35:05 UTC – Details)


AURION Leather Medicine Ball Hand-stitched 12 Panel Design- The Hand stitching expertise make this an extremely durable leather ball. The close-knitted needlework ensures that the ball will not lose its shape even after rigours of use. The 12-panel design makes it easy to grip the ball in general and makes the ball perfect for rotational ab exercises.
Sure-Grip for Safety and Stability-The Aurion Medicine Ball provides you with a very secure grasp to work on your entire body. Light smooth exterior allows you to have a firm hold on the ball when throwing, catching or holding. It has a gluey feel that enhances the ability to hold on. This ball also has a good level of bounce to go along with.

AURION Leather Medicine Ball, Different Weights and Versatile Colors- Our Medicine ball comes in different weight segments (1kg) (2kg) (3kg) (4kg) (5kg), (6kg), (7kg) (8kg), (9kg), (10kg) and (12kg). So you can incrementally opt for the weight of your choice. The variable weighting options makes it ideal for balance type training. It features a versatile range of colours which enhances the outlook. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Filled with Natural and Synthetic fibres- The interior filling is solid with natural and synthetic fibres. This makes our gym ball a very efficient tool for performing rotational and swinging type movements that focus on working the core area during training sessions.

There is some filling of sand inside the ball, which makes it evenly weighted. Go for the jackknife, squat and reach, med ball push-ups, between knees crunch, sit-ups, and one arm push-ups knowing you have a comfortable hold.

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