How to Play the Recorder: A Beginner’s Guide to Learn to Play the Recorder with Follow Along Audio Examples

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Boost Your Recorder Playing Skills Today With The Ultimate Guide To Mastering The Art Of Playing The Recorder Flute Like A Pro.

If you’re struggling to get started playing the recorder and would like to learn an effective way to memorize, play and combine notes to make music that tug at the heartstrings, then this guide is for you.

There are few experiences as soothing and enjoyable as hearing an experienced player delight your ears with a woodwind instrument. The enjoyment goes double if you’re the player. From folk songs to lullabies and crowd-pulling pop music, the recorder flute is an iconic woodwind instrument that has found its way into many beautiful pieces of music.

From learning how to properly hold the recorder to making your first note, Jason Randall takes you by the hand and shows you everything you need to know about playing the recorder in a way the is fun, enjoyable and accessible.

In How to Play The Recorder, you’re going to discover:

  • The intriguing history of the recorder family
  • Explanations that are enhanced with lucid illustrations that are easy to understand
  • Simple exercises with audio samples to follow and practice at your own pace
  • Sample pieces of music you can try out with your recorder with audio samples, ranging from easy to difficult and arranged in a way to prevent overwhelm
  • …and much more!

Even though it is designed with beginners in mind, How to Play The Recorder is a comprehensive guide has something for all recorder players regardless of skill level and will help you become a better recorder player.

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