Spartan MSD Edition Grade 5 English Willow Cricket Bat ( Size: Short Handle,Leather Ball )

Price: ₹ 6,600.00 - ₹ 4,054.00
(as of Nov 04,2020 02:19:12 UTC – Details)


Spartan MS Dhoni run English willow cricket bat is designed for beginners and advanced level cricket players. The cricket bat is light weight with more high power in your every shot. Excellent for advanced level play. The bat is used for professionally, club and college matches. The cricket bat cane is round handle for strength and flexibility. The Spartan English willow cricket bat is a high-quality bat which is designed to give an amazing performance, comfort and flexibility the Spartan design a perfect grip and well-balanced cricket bat for plays the amazing swings.

Suitable For: Leather Ball | Weight: 1200 gm | Sweet Spot: Middle | Spine Profile: Medium
Playing Style: All-Round
Has thick edges and curved blade that helps play powerful strokes with better control and stability
Handle is made of imported Sarawak Cane Handle that delivers great pickup and sturdiness

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