Coaching Youth Flag Football – A Complete How to Guide for Beginners – Including Easy Plays and Drills, Equipment Lists and Advice for Building Team Spirit

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Although the idea of coaching a little league football team may seem daunting at first, it is really a very fun and rewarding experience. Sometimes, coaching will be frustrating and sometimes you will wonder why you decided to take on this huge job in the first place. But there will also be days when you will share the joy of a good game with your kids or teach someone how to catch a football properly and realize that you helped make their day.

Hopefully, at least some of the parents will acknowledge your time commitment and hard work. (If you are a parent reading this, please take a moment now and send an email or text to your kids’ coach or manager and let them know that you appreciate them.) But if no one tells you how special you are, we are telling you right now…


Without you, our kids and other people’s kids would never get to play the sports they love.

Without you, there would be no such thing as a little league association in your region.

Without you, there would be no NFL (or any other professional sport), because everyone must start somewhere.

You are an unsung hero and you should go home at the end of each practice and feel that you have done an amazingly selfless act and helped out your community. Thank you!!!

We hope that some of out advice and experience will help make your coaching experience a little less scary and a whole lot more enjoyable.

Here is what this book includes:

– How to prepare for your first practice, including contacting parents, paperwork, league fees and more.

– Warm-ups and drills that are fun and effective.

– Basic plays, with diagrams, that you can use in real games; offense, defense, running and passing.

– Team building advice; how to keep your players and parents engaged and most importantly, how to make it FUN!

Good Luck and enjoy your season as a new coach. Ready, set, break!

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