Kansal Popular Willow Cricket Bat with Ball and Bat Cover, (Size 5) for Age 9 to 12 Years

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Price: ₹ 848.00 - ₹ 473.00
(as of Nov 24,2020 01:26:03 UTC – Details)


Kansal Popular Willow Cricket Bat .★ Light weight bats cover Great pick up, highly recommended for academy training. ★ perfect for subcontinental pitches, And every bat also comes fitted with a toughened toe guard for extra protection and durability. ★ Latest design will help the individual adapt comfortably for all formats of game i.e T20 for quick hitting,Hand made bats mostly gives better performance. ★ Designed and shaped with large edges and sweet spot for providing maximum acceleration to ball with minimum jarring of the hands and forearms. ★ As the bat is for tennis ball, you may use it for soft or hard tennis ball. It reflects the quality of wood used in the bat. The bat is for tennis ball only but you may also use it for hard tennis ball. Also, it comes with a protective guard and shown in the picture.

Playing Style: All-Round
Suitable for soft ball Cricket you can use ( Tennis ball, wind ball & cosco ball )
The handle is made from premium, imported to deliver superior power and control
For optimal performance, the cricket bat boasts a unique shape which delivers superb pick-up.

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