SS EW0469 English-Willow Ton Supreme Cricket Bat

Price: ₹ 13,500.00 - ₹ 10,666.00
(as of Nov 13,2020 13:52:19 UTC – Details)


No great achievement is accomplished overnight or without difficulty. And those who believe in it are the legends. They determine… they sweat… they exert themselves beyond limit to achieve what they dream of. Situations do knock them down sometimes… but they get up with a strong belief that there is no dream that cannot be turned into reality. At SS, we believe in the power of such conviction. That is why to make your journey towards your passion a wonderful experience, we bring you the world-class cricket equipment’s and accessories. From cricket bats made from English and Kashmir willow to high quality balls, gloves, leg guards, body protectors, helmets and accessories, SS manufactures everything that a serious cricketer needs.

Latest shape & very light pick up
Huge playing area with perfect weight
Pride to be made in India
Package Contents: 1 x ton supreme Cricket Bat
Material: English-willow
In-box Contents: 1 x ton supreme Cricket Bat

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